Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Batch 4/4/14

Big ass new batch out now! 

SB021 - Episiotomist "Cut Me Down and Burn What's Left"
Harsh Drone Wall. Unease and billowing death.
The atmosphere of a white sky and disorientation.
Beautiful and disconcerting.

SB022 - Hypnoallergenic Dongblossom "Suburban Jismland"
Harsh Noise heavy on low end, but not wall.
A great machine devouring cityscapes and residential areas.
The machine rumbles deeply and its cavernous body somewhat muffles the destruction within.
The destruction of the Suburban Jismland.

SB023 - Discipline Jar "Reproductive Isolation"
Glitch freakout Harsh Noise.
Blips, Bleeps, Squeaks, Squeals, Squelches.
Blasting mids, massive crushing of bits.
Feedback crumbles to electric brainmelt.
This disc makes 5:45 feel like 10 minutes.

SB024 - Post Mortem "Business As Usual"
Crude, tonal, brutish.
Wall, but seemingly not at the same time.
Slow barbarism.

SB025 - V/A "Running Man: The Home Edition" feat. Post Mortem, Ginger Cortes, Italics, The Outside World, Wet Dream Asphyxiation, Bedawang, Raven, and Vasectomy Party - $7ppd
A Compilation in dedication to the film Running Man.
Opening in Musique Concrete. Proceeding in high/mid end Harsh Noise cutup.
Following in blown out high/mid Harsh Noise freakout.
Harsh overtures of real audio. Blasting Furnace HNW. Harsh Noise Dialogue.
Frantic Harsh Noise. Crushed glitch wall.

SB026 - Faker "Confirmation Bias"
A heavy overlay of stuttering white noise destruction.
Backed with a mixture of drones and mid/high fuckery.
Calm unease, hypertension, and audio representation of stabbing pain.

SB027 - Sindre Bjerga "A Possible Outbreak of Clinical Hysteria"
Growling in a warehouse.
Tape fuckery and microphone molestation.
Ambient with a harsh edge.

SB028 - Nightmare Task Force "The Split Shift"
The sound of a forest fire with high winds.
Shrill grinding and quick lasergun target practice.
Bad dreams during a breakroom nap.

SB029 - Pissdeads "Proud and Full of Joy"
Destructive no-fi.
Ugly, raw, angry.
Noisecore done right.
This will frighten your grandma.


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